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Seven Day Itinerary

Sail, cruise and bushwalk. Take in a river, wildlife and an ocean beach.

Day One

* Seven lovely days stretch out before you. Start them slowly with a trip to Sperm Whale Head for lunch. Along the way you'll see lots of black swans in the shallow water behind Carstairs Bank. Watch out for dolphins too.
* There are wood-fired barbecues here that you can use which add a special flavour to your chops and sausages.
* After lunch, try one of the bushwalking trails. The Barton's Hill Walking Track is excellent, giving you good views of the Lakes from different angles.
* If you feel like moving for the evening, Duck Arm is about 30 minutes away and will give you a very gentle night's sleep. You can moor your boat on one of the public swing moorings.

Day Two

* An early morning swim in Duck Arm is enchanting. There's often a mist rising from the surface of the water giving an eerie quality to your swim.
* For a relaxing start to the day, head for the bakery in Paynesville for Danish pastries and coffee. Then stock up on supplies if needed before casting off for an almost full day's cruising to Plover Point at the end of McLennan's Straits. Enjoy lunch on deck while you're underway - it's a great way to dine!
* Plover Point is your western cruising limit. This is an area surrounded by important wetlands with huge bird breeding habitats, so watch out for all the waterbird species here. And drop a line, theres often good fishing in the Straits.
* For dinner: pan-fried fish, of course!

Day Three

* Plan your day to finish in the Bunga Arm. You could stop at Wattle Point or Loch Sport for lunch, or just enjoy an uninterrupted cruise down this glorious lake.
* Head for the Steamer Landing Jetty a lovely spot to moor with easy walking to the ocean beach. There's a picnic shelter on shore so if you've got a barbecue you could set it up here.
* Take a walk along the Ninety Mile Beach watching for dolphins in the surf and gannets diving for a feed. This beach is often deserted and always magnificent.
*Back on the boat, pour a glass of champagne in time for the special light show - the Bunga Arm is famous for its sunsets.

Day Four

* It's easy to spend a full day here letting the day slip gently past is such luxury, especially when youre in such a beautiful, natural environment.
* If you do feel like exploring further, though, how about a cruise along the Mitchell River to the Eagle Point cliffs? Here you can swim and fish for the afternoon, then go on to Paynesville for dinner at a restaurant, knowing it's just a short walk back to your boat moored for the night at the Fisherman's Wharf Jetty.

Day Five

* Today you're in for a treat: exploring Rotamah Island. For the really energetic, theres a long walk around the island. Or there's a 4 km walk from the jetty to the ocean beach and return. The walks take you past birdhides, and past great flocks of parrots and other birds. Rotamah Island also has lots of kangaroos and emus.
* The wood-fired barbecues here are perfect for cooking dinner and the sunset often turns the land black and the water orange - a great sight.

Day Six

* It's time to head to the eastern end of the Lakes. Nungurner Jetty is a lovely spot to stop for lunch, before going on to the Barrier Landing for the night. Along the way you can stop at Riviera Nautic for a cappuccino and a hot shower.
* At the Barrier, you can walk all the way to the entrance and watch the comings and goings of the Lakes Entrance fishing fleet.
* Before 5 pm, why not call us on the radio and ask us to book accommodation for you for tomorrow night so you dont have to rush your last day?

Day Seven

* Enjoy a leisurely start to the day. Walk over the dunes to say farewell to the ocean, then cruise along the Reeve Channel to Box's Creek for lunch, before returning to Riviera Nautic.
* Now, if you're staying the night, you can go on to your accommodation for a land-based shower, and dine out in Metung (we can book the restaurant for you, too).

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Day One locations

View from Yacht on swing mooring -Gippsland Lakes

Picnic and Duck Arm

View from deck of Yacht to Sperm Whale Head - Gippsland Lakes.

Sperm Whale Head

Day Two locations

Cruising yacht - McLennans Strait, Gippsland Lakes.

McLennans Strait

Cruising though Paynesville straights.


Day Three locations

Chater yacht at anchor in Bunga Arm on the Gippsland Lakes

Bunga Arm

Loch Sport pier view from yacht, Gippsland Lakes

Loch Sport

Swimming in ocean at Ninety Mile Beach.

Ninety Mile Beach

Yacht moored at Steamer Landing - Gippsland Lakes

Steamer Landing

Wattle Point jetty - Gippsland Lakes

Wattle Point

Day Four locations

Silt Jetties, Mitchell River - Gippsland Lakes.

Mitchell River

Cruising though Paynesville straights.


Day Five locations

Kangaroos digging - Rotamah Island

Rotamah Island

Day Six locations

Charter yachts moored at Barrier Landing, Gippsland Lakes.

Barrier Landing

Swimming in ocean at Ninety Mile Beach.

Ninety Mile Beach

Nungurner Jetty from water - Gippsland Lakes.


Day Seven locations

Charter yachts moored at Barrier Landing, Gippsland Lakes.

Box's Creek

Wattle Point jetty - Gippsland Lakes

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