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A Family's View

A boating holiday with a family can be the most amazing experience.

It is a real highlight for us as a team to have a family return from a boating holiday bursting with enthusiasm. The parents are so impressed by theirchildren'sability toparticipateand takeinterestin the processofsailing, assisting withnavigation, looking for markers, reading maps, helping with ropes or reading the compass.

When a family experiences a visit by a pod ofdolphinsit can be hard to tell who is more excited; the children in awe of the dolphins or the parents in awe of their children'suninhibitedjoy. Either way, it is a great thrill to witness.

Families talk about their fishing achievements; catchingprawnsat Barrier Landing for lunch the next day is unique experience kidsconsidera monumental achievement.

The safety and logistics of having children on board is simple with clear and easy to follow rules:
life jackets on children 10 years and under when up on deck
3 points of contact on the boat at any given time means movingaroundeven when under sail, is safe: 'swing like a monkey'.
for very young orunpredictablesmall children a tether can be used to keep them in one area (clips onto their life vest)
involvingchildren in thebriefingand having them find certainimportantobjects on board can make for a fun and meaningful game.
olderchildrenliketo have an active role in the boating process, be it responding to calls on the marine radio from our base, to assist to plan a route for the day, or maybe they are head chef in the galley.

Of course the mostimportantpart of boating as a family is to have fun.

Whether your idea of fun as afamilyis jumping off the swimming platform of the boat into the water, or catching dinner with a rod and net, playingboardgames and drinking hot chocolate after a day of swimming and sailing, watching for shooting stars in the bright night sky, taking night walks and discovering glowing mushrooms, having pods of dolphins putting on a showaroundyour boat, or reading a quiet book together while the sunsets and the ocean thunders in the distance; there is an adventure for your family that is unforgettable and unlike any other.

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