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Charter yachts moored at Barrier Landing, Gippsland Lakes.

Barrier Landing

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Along the way to the Barrier Landing, via Reeve and Rigby Channels, you'll pass three islands. The first, Flannagan Island, has a population of goats. The second, Fraser Island, is a privately owned resort with golf course and airstrips. It was originally the holiday house for the Syme family (of the Melbourne Age) and the remains of the shed you will see from Rigby Channel was where a train once met the family arriving in a fleet of boats, and took them and their luggage up to the house.

The third island is Rigby Island on your left as you travel down Rigby Channel. Part of this island is reserved as a Little Tern habitat. The Little Terns had been a seriously endangered species, but through careful establishment and protection of this habitat, their numbers have significantly increased.

At the Barrier Landing there is a very large public jetty. It's well used, being a favourite destination for locals as well as holidaymakers. There is also ample beach mooring, with mooring poles to make it easy.

The Barrier Landing is part of the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, although there are a few houses here on leases that preceded declaration of the Park. There are toilets on shore, but no other facilities.

The beach on the Lake side is good for swimming. There is usually good fishing here including whiting and, in season, prawns.

A 2 minute walk takes you across the dunes to the Ninety Mile Beach. You can walk from here to the entrance - an artificial entrance that was constructed in the 1880s and now has to be regularly dredged to maintain a safe passage for the large Lakes Entrance fishing fleet.

There's usually good salmon fishing from the ocean beach; and watch for dolphins and seals in the waves. The gannets are also good to watch as they fold their wings and drop like darts into the water for fish.

The Barrier Landing is the eastern cruising limit for Riviera Nautic boats.

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