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If you're about to embark on your first boating holiday with us, it is likely you have some questions. Being prepared for your holiday is simple. To assist you we haveprovidedloads of information, guided by the most common questions wereceive.

Planning Your Holiday

Here are some of ourfavoriteideas and suggested itineraries to help you plan your holiday.

Itinerary ideas

Ten types of boating holidays

Gippsland Lakes Guide


Packing For Your Holiday

Packing lightly but cleverly is an art. Find outwhat'sprovided and what you need to bring.

Packing for your holiday

Extras you can order

Food for boating

What's on board

Boating Holidays From Different Perspectives

Hearaboutboating from a range of different views.

From afamilyperspective

From anovice sailor'sperspective

From a woman's perspective

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We Are With You All The Way

No experience or boat licenses are required to charter a boat. Find out how we support you though your charter.

Boat operating licence

No Licence Required

How we support you throughout your charter

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Holiday Guide

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