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Nautical Pursuit

We are happy to design programmes to help with your camp curriculum. Here is a sample.

Afternoon arrival

1. What is the name of the creek where Riviera Nautic moors their boats?
2. Why does it have this name?
3. In what direction does the creek run?
4. Watch for water birds: name four varieties in this area.

Day one

1. What direction is the wind blowing this morning?
2. What strength is the wind?
3. What is the average depth of Bancroft Bay?
4. As you head around Shaving Point, look for the light on shore. What colour does it flash and how frequently?
5. What is the name of the body of land to the south of you as you head towards Tambo Bluff?
6. There are many aboriginal shell middens on this peninsula. What is the name of the local aboriginal nation?
7. How many red markers are there between Shaving Point and Point Scott?
8. What is the name of the lake you are now in?
9. After whom was it named?
10. What is the name of the bay to the west?
11. In this bay there is a set of compass adjusting piles. How do they work?
12. What markers guide you into the Mitchell River?
13. What is the land formation at the mouth of the river called?
14. How do you think it was formed?
15. This land formation is significant as it is the second longest in the world. Where is the longest?
16. What role is played by the reeds that grow along the river banks?
17. What is the name of the largest town on this river?

Day two

1. What is the name of the straits that separate Paynesville and Raymond Island?
2. As you approach the straits there are two navigation markers. What are they and what are they for?
3. Along the straits, there is a large site with a lot of boating activity. What is going on here?
4. What is the current koala population of Raymond Island (approximately)?
5. Heading west, at the far end of straits there is an arm of water on your starboard side and a point with a light on the corner of Raymond Island. What are these two called?
6. On your way to Wattle Point you pass the following:
B _ _ _ F _ _ A _
_ U _ _ _ R _
_ _ S _ N _ _ _
T _ _ _ I _ P _ _ N T

7. At Wattle Point, what is the main species of flora?
8. What direction do you now have to head to reach Rotamah Island?
9. Why do you think Sperm Whale Head is so named?
10. Name four native animals that inhabit Sperm Whale Head.

Day three

1. On the southern side of Rotamah Island is the Ninety Mile Beach. Explain briefly how this beach was formed.
2. How many bird species have been recorded on Rotamah Island?
3. Can you name ten species?
4. Leaving Rotamah Island behind, what is the name of the bank on your starboard side?
5. Further to your right there is a channel marked by red and green markers. What is the name of this channel?
6. On what side would you leave the red markers if you were entering this channel?
7. There is a light on Point Turner. At night, how would this light be distinguished from others on the Gippsland Lakes?
8. What is the depth of Duck Arm?
9. What type of farming is carried out on the surrounding land?

Day four

1. After leaving Duck Arm heading towards Metung, what is the first navigation marker you pass?
2. What side will you pass this navigation marker?
3. On Carstairs Bank there is another navigation marker. How and why does it differ from the first marker?
4. What is the name of the Bay to the south past Carstairs Bank?
5. How do you think Shaving Point got its name?
6. Name six points between Sperm Whale Head and Nungurner.
7. Past Metung, there are two sites named after birds. What are they?
8. What animal inhabits Flannagan Island?

Day five

1. Boxes Creek used to be called Butchers Creek? How did it earn its former name?
2. Name six species of birds that inhabit Boxes Creek?
3. There is a special environmental structure in Box's Creek. What is it and how does it work?
4. Heading towards Riviera Nautic, how many jetties are there on the eastern shore of Bancroft Bay?

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