Whisper 300

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The Ultimate Modern Classic

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Lighter, quieter, stronger and more environmentally sustainable.

Forget everything you thought you knew about outboard-powered cruisers. The Whisper 300 is a game-changer.

The new Whisper 300 is a beautifully classic cruiser for people who want something different. Quieter, more efficient and created more sustainably, Whisper Yachts exude understated grace and class, while treading more lightly on our environment.

Her light and easily-driven hull form is powered by just two 70 horsepower outboard motors, neatly concealed beneath a sound-absorbing engine cover. That’s approx one third the power required by similar-sized motor cruisers; and of course, one third the fuel consumption.

The new Whisper 300 is handcrafted excellence.

Each Whisper 300 is hand-crafted by Swallow Yachts, UK. There is no mass-production and no moulds. Each Whisper is meticulously crafted almost entirely from natures finest carbon-fibre: Wood.

Wood!? But what about maintenance?  Well, this is an encapsulated wood building process. The wood is protected by modern epoxies and 2-pac paint finishes that provide at least the durability equivalence of fibreglass. The Whisper exudes all the class and sophistication of a wooden boat, with the low maintenance and durability equivalence of fibreglass. This creates a boat which is lighter, stronger and more easily driven than her competitors.

And her looks?  We’ll let you be the judge.

With all these benefits, why aren’t all boats built using the encapsulated wood method?

It is a labour intensive process not often suited to high-volume manufacturers. Swallow Yachts prioritises quality over quantity and has thoughtfully provided the market this high-quality alternative. You can be assured when you purchase your Whisper 300 that your boat has been painstakingly crafted for you, mostly by hand, by Swallow Yachts’ skilled in-house craftspeople. The attention to detail is breath-taking.



Weight2400kg (incl twin 70hp engines)
Draft (engines raised)0.45m
Draft (engines down)0.70m
Fuel Tanks2 x 150 Litres. Cruise at 30 L/Hr total
Water70 Litres
Top Speed26 Knots (2x 70hp Yamaha Outboard Motors)
Range185 NM @ 20 Knots Cruise