Experienced Boater

An Experienced Boater's Point of View

Okay, so you’ve been boating before, perhaps chartered a boat elsewhere or even have your own boat, and you know that your main sheet has nothing to do with your bedding!

That’s great, and to some degree we can tailor your briefing to your level of experience. However, there are still items that legally we must convey in the briefing. And like most boaties, we love to chat about all things boats, so your briefing is always likely to be a pleasant experience.

Of course, every boat is different, so regardless of experience there’ll be information we need to pass on to you.

Equally, every waterway is different – and this is where the Gippsland Lakes really shines. This truly is a unique boating ground like nowhere on earth. So there’s a lot of information we’ll need to convey here. For example, the Lakes are not tidal, which means that we moor alongside public jetties and even nose up directly to the shoreline – things that a lot of us are not used to doing. Maneuvering on and off exposed jetties is a skill developed with practise and regardless of your experience, our team will be able to share some tips to make the experience easier for you with your particular boat.

So if you think you already have the experience to hit the water, please be patient with us as we take you through the necessities in your briefing and share with you our combined 200+ years experience boating on the Lakes. We’re all boaties – enjoy the chat!