Itinerary 5-Day

Itinerary Suggestion - 5 Days

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Day One

  • Following your morning briefing, voyage across Lake King and head for Bunga Arm. This is a fantastic stretch of water with the ocean beach lying just beyond the sand dunes. Cruise along the Arm until you come to the 1st blow hole and moor onto the beach – or alternatively you may have chosen to stop sooner at the jetties of Steamer Landing or Ocean Grange.
  • Be sure to be on deck as the sun goes down, so that you see the most wonderful sunset with all the colours extending down the length of the Arm. When you spend the night here, you fall to sleep to the sound of the waves breaking on the ocean beach.

Day Two

  • Start the day with a swim or a run along the beach and then you’ll have justified a huge cooked breakfast. We often have breakfast while slowly motoring along the Arm – it’s a meal like you’d never experience at home.
  • Wattle Point in Lake Victoria makes a nice destination for lunch, and this is also a good spot to swim. You could start with the swim, then set out a delicious range of antipasto foods to be eaten in total luxury and informality on the deck.
  • From here you can head to Duck Arm a very pretty and very sheltered spot for the night. Here, you can moor on the beach just inside the entrance, swing from one of the buoys or drop your anchor. Our favourite spot is the buoy just inside Picnic Arm. Gently swinging here while reading and sipping a glass of wine – it’s hard to imagine anything more restful.

Day Three

  • After breakfast, head for Paynesville if you need supplies, then for Sperm Whale Head for a barbecue lunch. You’ll be watched greedily by the kangaroos. There are some excellent walking tracks here so that you get some exercise!
  • Then voyage across Lake King and into the Tambo River – a lovely contrast to the open lake waters and a great place to head for an overnight stay. If you’re on a cruiser, you can go as far as the Cliffs which is very peaceful. If you’re on a yacht, stay closer to the mouth of the Tambo, such as Johnsonville, as you won’t want to waste too much sailing time motoring along the river. Sometimes you can be lucky to have the wind is in just the right quarter for a gentle run up the river until you come to a bend! The Tambo is a favourite fishing spot. The best catches are usually in the evening and early morning. And on hot days, swimming in the river is blissful.

Day Four

  • After a morning swim in the river, head to Raymond Island for koala spotting and lunch.
  • After lunch, cruise back into Bancroft Bay to spend the night in Box’s Creek. You can swim in the creek, or walk across to the Bancroft Bay beach. Or walk the length of both sides of the creek, through an area of temperate rainforest. Box’s Creek is fantastic for birdlife. Look out for kingfishers in the late afternoon and sea eagles in the early morning. There’s often good fishing in the creek, too. Have a great night’s sleep knowing you are totally sheltered.

Day Five

  • Start the day by walking to the lookout to watch the sunrise, then eggs and bacon is a must in the clean, fresh environment.
  • Then it’s a short sail or cruise down to Barrier Landing. It’s a favourite destination on the Lakes because of the easy access to the pristine Ninety Mile Beach, the delightful lake beach and good fishing. Enjoy a relaxed lunch and spend the afternoon enjoying Barrier Landing – a long stroll along the Ninety Mile Beach heading east to the ocean entrance is a great way to expend some energy, or ponder why you didnt book a longer charter holiday! Then it’s only an hour back to Riviera Nautic for your afternoon disembarking.
Day One
  • Lake King Passage
  • Bunga Arm – First Blow Hole, Steamer Landing or Ocean Grange
Day Two
  • Wattle Point
  • Duck Arm or Picnic Arm
Day Three
  • Sperm Whale Head
  • Tambo River
Day Four
  • Raymond Island
  • Box’s Creek
Day Five
  • Barrier Landing
  • Return to Riviera Nautic




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