Learn to Sail

Learn to Sail

Sailing Lessons – Challenging, Rewarding & Achievable

Nothing beats that moment when the engine’s turned off – the tug of the wind in sails and the quiet that envelops the boat. Sailing is really fantastic. Not the sweat and grind of America’s Cup yacht racing, but the pleasure of the peace combined with the achievable challenge of putting knowledge into action, and the fun of ‘getting there’.

The Gippsland Lakes are nature’s gift to novice sailors. There are no rocks, reefs or tides and the navigation is easy, so you are free to concentrate on the techniques of sailing.

Learn-to-sail Holidays

A Riviera Nautic boating holiday is an excellent way to learn to sail. Our yachts are selected for being easy to sail and very forgiving, and our sailing lessons give all the basic information. Then you’re free to sail at your own pace, knowing we’re always just a radio call away if you want more advice.

It’s remarkable how quickly you learn, when the lesson is fresh in your mind for you to immediately put into practice.

To learn to sail, simply book your choice of yacht in the normal way, and also book two or three hours of sailing tuition. At the start of your holiday we will do our comprehensive briefing with you, explaining how everything on board works. This is followed by your sailing lesson – usually three hours is a good amount of time to pick up the basics and feel confident.

Cost of sailing lessons: $100 per hour.
Sailing is for everyone – so come along with your partner, your friends or your family. It’s great fun, too.