Feeling Anxious?

A Novice Sailor's Point of View

We’re here to help…

“At first I was really nervous, especially when I arrived and saw the boats. But once we started the briefing, spent some time on board our boat and had a sailing lesson it became a little less daunting. It was certainly a challenge and we needed assistance along the way but what made a huge difference to us was knowing we had 24 hour assistance. We contacted the team several times just to get advice and we got that plus a lot of encouragement. ” Jo, June 2019, first time sailor.

Often first time guests return from their experience animated and excited to report the many highlight of their holiday. They are stunned by the beauty of the Gippsland Lakes, by the experience of living on board a boat and being totally self sufficient, by the quality time they had with their family or friends, but mostly, by their own new skills and ability to skipper their own boat.

For those who have sailed dinghy’s before or other boats, they are often surprised at how transferable their skills are to the bigger boats. Sure, it takes practice to approach a jetty or pick a mooring, or navigate through a channel. However, the boats are forgiving and set up for ease of handling, and our guests are armed with the tools and knowledge needed to safely have a wonderful boating experience.

Don’t forget that every charter receives a thorough briefing before you set off on your own – usually about 2 hours, which also includes some on-water boat handling practice with our experienced staff. On top of that you have option of extra sailing lessons, plus the peace-of-mind of 24 hour support and on-water assistance when you need it.

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