School Camps

We have been hosting school groups for many years. Some schools have returned annually to our boats for more than twenty years. The reasons for this? Based on feedback from the schools, it is the service and support provided by Riviera Nautic, the quality and choice of boats in our fleet, the environment of the Gippsland Lakes and its diversity, and the unforgettable and unique experience this combination of factors facilitate.

“Thanks for providing great boats and even better weather last week for the school camp. The kind of learning that can happen on a boat in 20 knots is very hard to replicate in any other way and I saw kids grow by inches.”  Ian, Woodleigh School

The Lakes for Learning

The Gippsland Lakes is an ideal environment in which to learn to sail – wide expanses of waterway, sheltered from the ocean, with plenty of secure moorings. The surrounding national parks and geomorphological features of the Lakes add depth to the learning experience.

Safe Sailing

The Gippsland Lakes are a safe sailing waterway:

  • soft sand/mud lake bed – no rocks or reefs
  • no tides
  • many secure moorings for safe overnight stays, public jetties, and mooring right onto the beach
  • always in sight of land
  • sheltered inland waterways with ocean beach just beyond the sand dunes


Our earliest aboriginal inhabitants are some of the oldest human stories known to man. There’s also interesting stories around early white exploration and settlement. Some of named features around the Lakes are named after early explorers, such as Angus McMillan.

Other interesting learnings of our local history is the construction of the artificial ocean entrance at lakes Entrance in the late 1800’s, as well as the region’s farming, fresh produce and agricultural heritage.

Environmental Studies

The Lakes’ ecology, the national parks and geomorphological features of the Lakes combined with impacts and issues about land management activities.

A Natural Environment

  • vast waterway – the largest navigable inland sea in the southern hemisphere
  • 400 square kilometres of lakes and rivers
  • two national parks border the Lakes – mostly only accessible by boat
  • three navigable rivers
  • over 140 species of birds and Ramsar-protected wetland habitats
  • lots of kangaroos, koalas and other native animals
  • our endangered Burrunan dolphins – a unique species found only in the Gippsland Lakes and Port Phillip Bay.

The experience of boating

Whether on yachts or crusiers, boating offers life skills and much more.

Ideas & curriculum

Flexibility to meet your needs. Read what teachers say about sailing camps with Riviera Nautic.

Why Riviera Nautic?

Decades of facilitiating school camps on the Gippsland Lakes.