Schools – The Experience of Boating

The Experience of Boating

There are two important aspects to boating:

LEARNING TO SAIL: it’s challenging, requires alert thinking and teamwork, and offers a lifetime’s enjoyment. An important part of sailing is being aware of one’s environment – weather patterns, navigation marks, etc.

LIVING ON BOARD: there are valuable lessons to learn when living on board in a small space, being self-sufficient and responsible for the care of the vessel and the team, while managing finite resources of water, gas and fuel.

Riviera Nautic’s yachts are designed for ease of handling. On our large yachts, students can learn the skills (and enjoy the thrill) of sailing a keel boat while being completely safe.

All boats exceed the strict safety requirements of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Safety equipment on board includes marine radio, lifejackets and lifebuoys, first aid kit, fire extinguishers and fire blanket, gas alarm and many other safety features.

As well as the yachts, we have motor cruisers which schools sometimes charter if the objective is purely environmental or lifeskill studies. Or they might take one cruiser as ‘mothership’ to accompany the yachts around the Lakes.